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I’ve never been this sad in my whole life so far.

Photo 31 Aug 30 notes tôi cô đơn như một cột đèn.

tôi cô đơn như một cột đèn.

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I’m your late night evening prostitute.

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why do I have the feeling that a thousand years have passed and we’re just the ghosts of our-yester-selves? The way we talked, the way we laughed, the way we found joy in life, why does it have to be faded and gone? Why can’t I trace some warmth of our once existence?

the hollow inside, the fucking smiling, happy, satisfied face outside. I love making jokes, I love sarcasm. Isn’t myself the biggest joke I have ever made? Isn’t myself the biggest irony life has ever created?

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- why don’t you believe in love?
- I do. I just don’t believe in people.
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we wait for the winter because here comes the time when bare lines mark the borders of that grey nothingness within us
— đoàn minh phượng
Text 26 Aug 12 notes no title could lift a dead young tree

full ashtray
empty filters
full people
empty faces
full moon
empty lamps
full smile
full words
full thoughts
full love
full trees
full days
full nights
but empty

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